Reviewers Liked

  • Large touch screen, Lightweight and portable
  • Variety of photo sizes, Variety of editing options, Large touch screen, Good connectivity
  • This printer is lightweight and features an extra large touchscreen
  • Color touchscreen LCD, Versatile paper handling; editing options
  • Charming case; responsive touch screen; simple controls via built-in menus
  • Touch screen with generally well-designed menus. Prints 5-by-7s, 4-by-6s, and panoramas up to 4 by 12 inches
  • Color touchscreen LCD; versatile paper handling; editing options
  • Surprisingly sharp, vivid print quality for such a petite package. A lobotomized hamster could set this thing up. Reasonably agile touchscreen for purikurastyle doodles. Bluetooth, SD slot cut the cords

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No battery, Single ink cartridge good for 50 prints before replacing
  • Soso print quality, Slow print speed, High cost per print, No battery option, Glitchridden software
  • The touchscreen is not always responsive and can be difficult to use
  • No battery option, Orangey flesh tones
  • Inaccurate color when printing from SD-card slot; slow; consumables are expensive; some install glitches in our tests
  • Speed is acceptable but slow. Messages on the printer LCD and the approach to printing from a computer can be confusing
  • No battery option; orangey flesh tones
  • No battery, so be on the lookout for outlets "in the field." Prints only on pricey photo paper