AMD A10-4600M 2.3Ghz Socket FS1



AMD A10-4600M 2.3Ghz Socket FS1

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The past few years haven't been kind to AMD, with everything from a mass exodus of staff to the poor performance of its ‘Bulldozer' cored desktop CPU hitting the company hard. But the bright spot in all of this has been its APU strategy, the ultimate...

By PC Authority on

There are still key questions to be answered about the AMD Trinity platform, such as how the lower performance parts will fare and what sort of systems we'll see sporting the new chips. Not to mention how much those systems will cost. But, on the...

By Trusted Reviews on

AMD has gained considerable market share in the budget computing segment since last year's launch of the Llano APU, with "good enough" CPU performance balanced with entry discreet level graphics to boot. After the uncompetitive showing of Bulldozer with...

By VR-Zone on

It's been tough going for AMD in the conventional x86 chip market of late. Its long-awaited Bulldozer architecture was a particular disappointment on the desktop. But AMD is looking much more competitive in the mobile segment. The new AMD A10-4600M has...

By TechRadar AU on

So, that was our first brush with Kaveri in a mobile setting. What did we learn? At 35W, Kaveri offers somewhat lackluster CPU performance compared to Haswell, but its graphics and GPU computing capabilities are excellent. This is, of course, the same...

By The Tech Report on

While there isn't a substantial increase in GPU performance between Richland and Trinity, AMD's GPU performance lead over Ivy Bridge was big enough to withstand Haswell's arrival. Note that although we're comparing performance to Haswell here, Richland...

By AnandTech on

One month before the official launch of Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (August 21st), we put two reference laptops from Intel (Ivy Bridge Ultrabook) and AMD (Trinity A10) to the test to see if we can comfortably play this season's hottest...

By VR-Zone on

Intel Ivy Bridge beats AMD's Trinity in our head-to-head when it comes to performance, business benefits and availability. AMD is still a winner when it comes to pricing and design of the chips was declared a draw.If you're after a more rounded level...

By IT PRO on

AMD Trinity APUs are another step in the right direction that helps keep AMD on pace with Intel's mainstream notebook offerings....

By Legit Reviews on

At the end of our testing period with the AMD A10-4600M APU, I understood why AMD decided to give this APU the code name Trinity. I expected a rather unimpressive processor and graphics combination, but when I looked at the synthetic and real-world...

By Notebook Review on

The Trinity-based A10-4600M APU is an improvement on virtually all fronts versus its predecessor, the Llano-derived A8-3500M, purely on the strength of architectural updates. Although the Bulldozer CPU microarchitecture has been something of a...

By The Tech Report on

AMD’s position is not enviable. Though they’re the only large competitor to Intel in the market for x86 processors, the company is dwarfed by the Giant of Santa Clara. As a resident of Portland, I can’t forget this fact. Intel offices are strewn...

By PCPer on

AMDs' new A10-4600M Trinity APU did well in the benchmarks with respect to gaming, as expected, though it did have a few performance anomalies under DX11 (Batman and Metro 2033). We suspect driver maturity in these two game engines or possibly with...

By HotHardware on

The AMD A10-4600M APU offers a Wholly Trinity of performance, graphics and low-power consumption, a recommendable option for people looking for a lower-cost notebook. We just find that it could do better with memory delegation.(previously published in...

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