Reviewers Liked

  • This projector can be password protected
  • Highly mobile (barely weighs one pound), 10,000 hours of LED light
  • Highly mobile and barely weighs one pound; 10,000 hours of LED light
  • Small size fits in any bag. VGA port and composite-in. Long-lasting LED light source. Clear images, especially in dimmed light. Low fan noise
  • Seriously tiny and has novelty appeal; very light at 360g; easy to set up and use; auto keystone adjustment; super-long lamp life; low running cost; environmentally-friendly
  • Highly portable. LED light source with 10,000-hour life
  • Very small and light, Fast warm-up and cooldown times, Uses same AC adapter as Dell laptops

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • This mini projector can only use a Dellspecific cable
  • Very low brightness (50 lumens), Comparatively expensive
  • Very low brightness; bare bones feature set; touch-sensitive control buttons are very small and makes navigating the on-screen menus difficult
  • Less color and clarity than a bulbbased projector. Touchy touchsensitive buttons. Requires dimmed lighting for clear video
  • No remote. Hard-to-use control panel
  • Requires dark environment, Difficult to press buttons on projector’s top panel, Nonstandard native resolution