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Current $3,499 Jan 22, 2021
Highest* $4,999 Nov 18, 2020
Lowest* $2,499 Dec 9, 2020
Average $3,878
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Expert reviews and ratings

By ProjectorCentral on 81

Sony has been making high-quality 1080p projectors for years, but the BRAVIA VPL-VW90ES is their first foray into 3D. This SXRD projector (Sony's marketing brand for their implementation of LCOS) features a bright, smooth, film-like image in 2D with...

By on 90

While I didn't have another comparably priced competitor on hand, I did have a sample of the $4,495 JVC DLA-X3 in house. This was a different sample than the one Kris Deering reviews elsewhere in this issue. I made the comparisons here in 2D....

By Trusted Reviews on 70

3D is, by its nature, best when it’s big. After all, the whole idea of it is to create a fantasy world that you engage with as you would the real world. So it follows that the 3D world you create will be that much more effective if it fills as...

By TechRadar on 100

Many TV addicts are sceptical of domestic 3D. There's just not enough content available to compensate for the general inconvenience of having to wear special glasses, particularly if you like to multitask. Surfing on a laptop or snarfing custard...

By What Hi-Fi? on 80

For our money, the ultimate home cinema experience has to have a projector at its heart. We've seen some superb TVs in our time, from Kuros to Bravias – and some terrifyingly huge TVs, too – but nothing can quite match a home cinema...

By CNET UK on 100

Sony's first 3D projector is a high-end treat. The SXRD light engine is as sharp as a sushi knife, and we didn't spot any picture-spoiling 3D crosstalk effects. If you really want to watch 3D movies at home, you need to buy one of...

By T3 Magazine on 100

The problem with 3D at home is that it’s just too darn small. As TV makers hawk 3D screens down to 32inches, the benefits of entering the third dimension from your couch are being seriously eroded. The solution is big screen 3D in the shape of...

By 5FWD on 80

It ain’t cheap, but if you want 3D pictures writ huge in your home this is the gadget to do it. Sony VPL-VW90ES is tagged with Sony VPL-VW90ES, Sony and 3D Projector. Select a tag (Sony VPL-VW90ES, for example) to find everything on FiveFWD about...

By Projectors at Projector Reviews on

OK, let's see what we've got here. The Sony VPL-VW90ES is their flagship home theater projector, and their first 1080p projector sporting 3D. It commands a $9999 list price. That's a lot of loose change, but the least expensive serious1080p...

International Review By Ere Numérique on 85

Les concepteurs du VW90ES 3D ont choisi de reprendre la coque imposante et oblongue des précédents modèles de la gamme home cinéma. L'optique centrale trône fièrement comme un gros œil tandis que les grilles...

International Review By AudioVideoHD on 100

Pour un testeur de projecteurs et surtout un cinéphile, c'est toujours un grand bonheur de pouvoir visionner ses œuvres favorites dans les meilleurs conditions. C 'est là que le SONY VW90ES joue à la perfection le rôle...

International Review By on 96

Nicht kleckern, sondern klotzen - das dachten sich die Sony-Entwickler ganz eindeutig, als sie ihren ersten 3D-Projektor gebaut haben. Die SXRD-Technik sorgt für Bilder, die scharf wie Sushi-Messer sind - ganz ohne Artefakte, Regenbogeneffekt oder...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Faszinierend Werbung Technik Da ist er nun, der erste 3D-Heimkinoprojektor von Sony: der VPL-VW 90 ES. Seine Bilderzeugung basiert auf der Technik des VPL-HW 15, der ebenfalls mit SXRD-Chips, also mit spiegelnder LCD-Technik arbeitet. Diese...

International Review By AudioVision on

Der Sony ist der Star im Heimkino: Extrem kontrastreich, flexibel, leise und bewegungsscharf, vereint er viele Vorzüge eines optimalen Projektors. Schwächen hat er nur wenige: Im Vergleich zum Samsung ist er schwieriger einzustellen und nicht...