Editors Liked

  • Affordable, Rugged, Expandable with modules
  • Flexible configuration with magnetic modules, Wireless charging, NFC
  • Lots of features, Modules are quick to add and remove, Interesting apps take advantage of additional sensors, Very rugged, Custom button, dedicated camera button, AND gesture control, Large battery life, expandable to HUGE battery life, Interesting design

Editors Didn't Like

  • Heavy, Allow the extended battery to charge wirelessly
  • Too big for small hands, If module attached, compass will malfunction, If module attached, OTG will not work
  • No headphone jack, Possible QA issues (button stopped working on test unit), Modules interfere with compass, Middling specs, Average-to-poor camera quality, Gorilla Glass 4, Night vision module a let-down, Bulky and tricky to use one-handed, Custom skin a