Editors Liked

  • Great design and build, superb display, physical QWERTY keypad, HTC Sense UI
  • Great touch screen, nice design, gets the best out of Android 2.2, decent input methods
  • Excellent Touchscreen, Great UI, Updated HTC Sense & HTCSense.com Features, HD Video Recording
  • Good landscape-oriented QWERTY keypad; nice aluminum finish; comes with latest HTC Sense addons; good performance
  • SenseUI & HTCSense.com and Zippy performance
  • Excellent web, great keyboard, intuitive features and interface, ability to act as Wi-Fi hotspot, improved camera
  • New HTC Sense with cloud services and offline navigation, Powerful 2nd generation Snapdragon chipset, Attractive design and solid build, Generous 1.5GB ROM storage for apps

Editors Didn't Like

  • Loose slider mechanism can be annoying at times, keypad takes some getting used to, mediocre camera, no video call camera, no MKV format support, occasional lag in the UI
  • Disappointing onboard storage, noticeable lag when navigating
  • Poor Hinge Design, Keyboard isn't Exceptional, Battery Life isn't Great
  • One-day battery life; heavy; touch-sensitive shortcut keys; no front-facing camera
  • Big and bulky, No Arabic
  • Occasional lags in touch-screen, no native task manager appLook and Feel
  • Heavy, Physical keys’ spacing and travel could be better, Poor choice of shooting modes, The earspeaker and loudspeaker could be stronger