Editors Liked

  • Good effort for LG's first Android handset, responsive resistive touch screen, decent qwerty keyboard, good location for 3.5mm audio jack
  • Decent hardware QWERTY keyboard, Android OS, decent camera, value for money
  • QWERTY keypad is comfortable to use, Decent camera quality, Decent battery life
  • Excellent Keyboard, WiFi & 3G Support, Supports Google Mobile Services, Very Good Music Playback
  • Highly affordable Android phone. Cute LG customisation. Responsive touchscreen
  • Great email functionality, good build quality for the price, intuitive OS, easy syncing of contacts and calendars, access to Android Marketplace
  • Good QWERTY keyboard, Good audio playback quality, DivX and Xvid support (even if at limited resolution), Camera interface with extremely rich functionality, Robust battery
  • Solid, compact design; excellent QWERTY keyboard
  • One of the least expensive fullfeature Android phones, Hardware QWERTY keyboard, Good call quality and battery life, Better than most Android phones in video

Editors Didn't Like

  • Social networking services manager
  • Unsatisfactory display sunlight legibility, phone hanged on a few occasions, slightly laggy interface, call quality not up to the mark, resistive touch-screen not as responsive as capacitive ones on competitors, low battery life on heavy use
  • Touch sensitive keys are too sensitive, Music player volume is too low, DivX video playback isn't smooth, Too many email apps
  • Sluggish UI, Bad Camera, Expensive
  • Resistive touchscreen doesn’t look as good as some. Camera shutter lag. A little too chunky
  • Slight delay between input and action, face-recognition feature hard to useLook and Feel
  • Runs obsolete OS version, Resistive screen, Needs better integration of social networks, Interface personalization with a lot of room for improvements
  • Sluggish performance; lacks standout feature
  • Resistive touchscreen a major nuisance, Keyboard not as good as it could be, LG, Rogers actually hurt the interface, Limited to Android 1.5