Reviewers Liked

  • Some 3D Effects Look Really Good, Excellent Video Playback, UI Looks Good & Works Well, Large, Good Looking Display, Superb Browser
  • Screen is large and bright; 3D is fun; responsive display
  • Sturdy and wellconstructed build, Bright 4.3inch LCD touch screen, Extensive 3D support
  • Attractive design, 3D games are fun
  • If 3D is your bag you’re well catered for with the ability to shoot and record, watch 3D videos and play three-dimensional games

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Short battery life
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Size and weight
  • Battery struggles to last a day, Bulky, Disappointing camera performance in 2D
  • LG's Android user interface is a bit clunky, Sometimes 3D can hurt your eyes
  • The