Reviewers Liked

  • Great features in WebOS, Cute, pocketable design
  • Lightweight and slim design, Great QWERTY keyboard, Fast EVDO network, Touchstone inductive charging technology
  • Small and pocketable QWERTY smartphone, fresh OS
  • Exceptional build quality. Splendid screen. Great-sounding speakers
  • Attractive design, Excellent keyboard, Considering it is meant to be an 'inexpensive' smartphone option, the features are fairly good
  • Remarkably slim and light design, Responsive multitouch display, Polished interface, Better keyboard than Pre, Good Web browser
  • Fun interface. Cute design. Usable keyboard. Many more features than texting phones have
  • Great features in WebOS, Cute, pocketable hardware design

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Can be slow to open/close apps, No WiFi
  • WebOS still considerably slow, Thirdparty app catalog still small
  • Sluggish at times, keyboard is trying
  • Sluggish performance and awkward hangs. Poor-quality 2MP camera
  • No WiFi, No autofocus and the camera has been downgraded from similar predecessors, No memory expansion slot, Phone is much slower
  • Performance a bit sluggish, Smaller, dimmer screen than Pre, Lacks Wi-Fi, No video recording
  • Struggles with multitasking and video playback. Thin app catalog. Only for people with sharp eyes and small fingers
  • No Wi-Fi, Can be slow to open/close apps