Reviewers Liked

  • The Puma Phone offers a user-friendly interface, an attractive design, and a nice selection of sports-themed apps. Call quality is decent, and the solar panel can deliver an emergency charge
  • Quirky details dotted around the phone, Plenty of features, Solid build
  • Some fun fitness apps, funky interface could appeal to youth market
  • Eco-friendly. Compact and pocketable. Stylised UI. Cool design and animation flourishes. Great sports apps and features

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The Puma Phone's GSM and 3G bands are optimized for the North American market. Call volume was rather low, and the touch screen is small and occasionally inaccurate
  • Solar charging doesn't work, Expensive, Buggy and slow software
  • Sluggish touch-screen means texting is very frustrating, expensive yet feature light, mediocre camera and GPS featuresLook and Feel
  • Fiddly onscreen keyboard. Substandard camera and video recording. Lack of Wi-Fi. No built-in 3.5mm headphone jack