Reviewers Liked

  • Three-megapixel camera is fast and delivers decent images, supports push notifications for Microsoft Exchange email
  • Great package, great value, excellent responseand performance
  • Compact, slim design, HSDPA high speed 3G connectivity, WiFi, 3inch touchscreen, Widgets customisation, AGPS and Google Maps, Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone functionality, Very good selection of applications including Office Mobile suite
  • Likeable, unobtrusive design, Proper personalization, Snappy interface, Builtin DivX and Xvid support

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Touch-screen lags a bit, stylus has to be tied to phone instead of fitting inside, user interface looks dullLook and Feel
  • Defective camera, average display resolution, bulky and cheap-looking stylus
  • Resistive screen requires stylus, Not enough finger space on some options as screen can be unreponsive in places, Windows Phone OS not intuitive and can be clunky, Sometimes slow to respond, Texting process could be better, Average camera
  • Disappointing camera, Bad incall quality, Lacks 3.5mm jack