Editors Liked

  • Impressive performance for the price, Minimal bloatware, Expandable storage
  • Good performance, Solid battery life
  • Low cost of entry, Excellent battery life, Good performance, compared both to highend Windows phones and freewithcontract phones from other ecosystems, MicroSD card slot helps to make up for the paltry 8GB of internal storage, Offers the full Windows Phon
  • Snappy performance; Better battery life than other Windows Phones; Clear audio
  • Solid performance from dualcore processor and strong battery life
  • Inexpensive price point, Smooth performance, Includes a microSD card slot
  • Comfortable fit, quality Super AMOLED screen, NFC support, call blocking, Data Sense, respectable battery life, microSD card expansion, surprisingly nice camera outdoors and good call quality
  • Very good call quality. World phone. Long battery life
  • Light, comfortable design, Bright and crisp display, Speedy performance, Hardware shutter button for camera

Editors Didn't Like

  • Lowres screen, Underwhelming camera performance, Cheapfeeling construction
  • Completely uninspired design, Terrible display, Poor camera
  • The body, while solid, is a bit thick and plasticky, Camera is "good for the price" at best, Verizononly, It only costs $100 upfront to step up to a more compelling smartphone, Windows Phone still lacks some thirdparty support compared to other platforms
  • Generic design; Lowres display; No standout features
  • Lowres, pixelated display is distracting and unpleasant
  • Bland design, No noteworthy exclusive apps
  • Capacitive buttons can be a little overly sensitive, 8GB of storage may not appeal to everyone, and under whelming camera performance in low light conditions
  • Uninspired design. Unimpressive display. Weak app selection
  • Low resolution display, Uninspiring camera, App store still lacks good selection