Editors Liked

  • Attractive design, solid hinge, good keyboard
  • Good voice quality and battery life. Compact form factor. Excellent QWERTY keyboard
  • The LG Lotus Elite has a striking design with an external touch screen, a great QWERTY keyboard, and plenty of messaging and multimedia features. It has great call quality as well
  • More polished look and better build than the original model. Great reception and voice quality

Editors Didn't Like

  • Limited web browser, poor data speeds, no 3.5mm headphone jack, weak external touchscreen
  • Camera, music player, and Web browser could use upgrades. Weak reception. Non-standard headphone jack
  • The LG Lotus Elite has similar features with its predecessor and we think the photo quality could be improved. We also wished the speakerphone had better audio quality. The LG Lotus Elite's unique look might not be for everyone
  • Not a great web surfing experience