Reviewers Liked

  • Storm finally gets WiFi, Good camera
  • Gorgeous display, great messaging support, bestinclass virtual keyboard
  • Large display is easy on the eyes, SurePress much improved
  • Vastly improved touchscreen and typing experience, Faster overall performance, Speedier Web browsing, Good camera and camcorder
  • Vastly improved touch screen. Wi-Fi. True world phone. Powerful messaging and multimedia support
  • The RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 adds Wi-Fi, more memory, and an updated operating system that brings a number of feature and user interface enhancements. The revamped SurePress touch screen allows for more precision, key rollover, and limited multitouch cap

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Audio playback could be better, SureType still feels awkward
  • Large and heavy, mediocre camera, SurePress requires too much pressure
  • Still no reason for the moving display
  • Somewhat dated interface, Still a bit bulky and heavy, Far fewer apps than iPhone or Android
  • Browser doesn't live up to the screen's potential. Touch still feels grafted on at times. Still a bit buggy (though nowhere near as bad as the first Storm)
  • BlackBerry browser isn't on par with the competition. While improved, the touch screen still takes some acclimation