Reviewers Liked

  • Unique design, Decent battery life, Background sync with Kin Studio, Loaded with social networking features, HD video on Kin Two
  • Unlimited cloud storage with Kin Studio, Small, pocketable design, VGA camcorder
  • Good integration of social networking sites, Includes an excellent Zune multimedia experience, Backup of data available on KIN STUDIO, Includes both 3G and WiFi connectivity, Good QWERTY keyboard, Excellent battery life
  • Good physical design, slick looking UI, nice camera, Zune music player, awesome web portal
  • Nicely made with an interesting design, Fairly easy to use, Decent battery life, Zune interface builtin, Low price for the phone itself, Decent call quality
  • Clever social-network-centric OS, Mirrors all activities and auto uploads photos to Kin Studio Web site, High-quality 5 MP (Kin One) and 8 MP (Kin Two) camera with flash, 4GB (Kin One) 8GB (Kin Two) built-in memory, Light, sleek, stylish uncluttered exter
  • Cute. Built-in Zune. Automatically backs up photos and messages
  • The Kin One offers easy access to contacts and social networking sites. The One and its sibling, the Kin Two, are the first Windows phones to feature the Zune multimedia experience, including Zune Pass. The Web-based Kin Studio backs up all of your pho

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lacks app store, integrated navigation app, Slow browser, no tabs, No memory slot, Calendar and event sync omitted, Feed links have to be opened in browser, Lacks IM client, Requires smartphone plan
  • Confusing and cumbersome interface, Social networking features make sharing tedious, Lacks third-party applications and games
  • Placement of camera key, Small screen, Can't reply to Twitter posts, Poor speakerphone, Poor photo quality
  • Total lack of app support, high data costs, no IM, poor battery life, no email notifications
  • Poor picture quality, Typing on the keyboard can be tricky at times, Screen attracts fingerprints / smudges, Navigation can be frustrating, Screen is small, Web browsing can be slow
  • Cluttered, claustrophobic OS, No third-party apps, Slippery exterior, Unintuitive music player, Hard to get high-quality video off phone, No external memory card slot
  • Cramped screen. Not really a smartphone, but priced like one
  • The Kin One has a small display and can be sluggish. No calendar app or IM clients. User interface can be a bit overwhelming and has a bit of a learning curve. You can't upload photos to Twitter