Reviewers Liked

  • Adds significant bass to an existing Echo speaker setup, Pairing with other speakers is straightforward
  • Smaller speaker packs a bigger punch than original, Design you actually won't mind looking at, Unmatched mics
  • Cheaper than predecessor, Attractive, interchangeable shells, Powerful microphones, Alexa keeps getting smarter
  • With a variety of new designs, the new Amazon Echo is better-looking than the original, just as smart and a lot less expensive. The addition of an aux-out jack lets you connect it with your existing audio setup. It's also a slightly better listener than b
  • Samller, Better listener, Great price, More stylish
  • Less expensive than origina, Attractiv, Changeable cover, Extensive Alexa voice assistant
  • Lower cost, Smaller, more attractive design, Customizable appearance
  • Much less expensive and better-looking than previous Echo, Alexa is the best voice assistant ecosystem, Adds 3,5-mm out, Loud

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Expensive
  • Volume buttons are kind of clunky, Alexa app still requires a lot of setup to get your settings just right
  • Subpar audio quality
  • Though fine for casual listening and strong enough to fill a room with music, the Echo still doesn't sound as good as premium, high-fidelity speakers. The volume ring of the original is gone, replaced with the cheaper volume buttons of the Echo Dot
  • Volume ring replaced with buttons
  • Sounds worse than the original Ech, Google Home
  • Below average audio quality for music, Decorative shells don't look great
  • Sound quality could be better