Reviewers Liked

  • Amazon Alexa support, Works in multi-room configurations, Solid, rich lows and crisp highs
  • Beautiful and well-constructed, Good sound, Can have access to Alexa and great sound through a single device
  • Attractive exterio, Charging base is include, Programmable touch controls
  • It's the best-looking Bluetooth speaker I've seen, Alexa integration is simple and works well, Setup is simple and it easily switches between modes, Responsive touch control

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Expensive, Sculpted sound signature piles on the DSP at top volumes and struggles with deep bass
  • Couldn't access my iCloud music library, which is where most of my music lives. I'm sure that's a function of the iCloud access and not a shortcoming of the Cavalier app, though
  • Expensive for the siz, Bass is limited
  • The bass is lacking, Missing some key Alexa features, like texting, $299.99 is pretty expensive, even for what you get