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By Home Theater Review on 90

Under normal circumstances, the desktop around my computer is blissfully silent. The PSB Alpha PS1 powered speaker, however, has dramatically changed that. At $300, it's a spectacular buy for anyone who is serious about listening to higher-quality music...

By Home Theater HiFi on

The Alpha PS1s face some pretty stiff competition in the marketplace. They are competing head to head with a lot of other manufacturers' offerings in the desktop speaker category. And it is a growing category with more and more product announcements each...

By on

PSB's Alpha PS1 is the perfect desktop companion, and $299 is a paltry outlay for speakers with so much engineering tucked into them. Their evenhanded sound stands in contrast to those of many competing desktop speakers that portray themselves as being...

International Review By on 98

Das kleine 2.1-Set von PSB weiß mit vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten und hervorragendem Klang zu beeindrucken. Kleine bis mittlere Räume lassen sich mit den kompakten Boxen wunderbar beschallen, ohne viel Platz für die HiFi-Komponenten opfern zu...

International Review By on

Walk into a lifestyle gadget store these days and you'd see all manners of fancy-looking speakers, mostly sounding ridiculously bad despite asking for a good few hundred bucks from you.The PSB Alpha PS1 isn't one of them. As powered “PC speakers” go,...