Editors Liked

  • Excellent Read performance, Very good Write performance, Great integration with business networks, Up to 12TB of affordable storage
  • Incredible performance and format factor, Redundant network interfaces enable trunking and teaming capabilities for true hi-speed data transfers, Built-in replication between Buffalo Terastation NAS units makes reliability a breeze in the case of a site f
  • WebAccess provides quick and easy access to your files from anywhere

Editors Didn't Like

  • Firmware update process needs work, Some browser freezing when switching between screens
  • Price: It isn't so much of a con as it is a reality of this type of a NAS unit, but at $1,200 many that read this product review will think that they can build their own home media server for less, Fit and finish of the product: For the money, I would
  • This is obviously geared toward the needs of a small business and leaves consumer users wanting