Mushkin Atlas Series mSATA




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By AnandTech on

The Atlas is what you would expect from an mSATA SSD with SF-2281. It doesn't set any records but it's a decent performer. It's a bit unfortunate that the 480GB model is slower than the 240GB one, but I'm pretty confident that this is mostly due to the...

By Legit Reviews on

The 30GB Mushkin Atlas Deluxe mSATA SSD is a fine drive that performs remarkably well for a small capacity drive but it's that small capacity that makes it much better suited for a cache drive than a main OS...

By on

It's always great to review a product that pushes the bar a bit further because there always seems to be a bit of controversy to go along with it.  We know that Mushkin sat down and discussed at length the merits of using asynchronous memory vice...

By Bigbruin on

The problem with mSATA is that not every laptop has access to one of these slots, and even if the laptop has a slot with the right form factor, it might not be fully compatible with a mSATA drive. In testing the Mushkin Atlas 30GB mSATA SSD the test...

By on

On considering the branding of  the Mushkin Atlas, Mushkin could not have picked a more fitting representation of this SSD if they tried.  Charles Atlas started promoting fitness and body building in 1929 and his advertising was most famous for the...

International Review By Présence PC on

Fins, élégants et munis d’une batterie leur permettant d’endurer une journée de travail, les Ultrabook illustrent l’avenir de l’ordinateur portable (voir notre comparatif de 8 Ultrabook). Les constructeurs ont cependant dû faire des sacrifices pour...