Reviewers Liked

  • USB-C connection and drive ships with cable, Good cost-per-gigabyte value, Three-year warranty
  • One cable for power and data, Attractive design, Strong large block, Sequential performance, Excellent software package, 8TB of data storage
  • Superior Build Quality, Design, Top of the Charts Performance, No External Power Adapter Required, 8TB Storage Capacity, 200GB Cloud Storage (Microsoft OneDrive), 3 Years Warranty
  • Strong sequential read performance, Only uses one cable, 2-year subscription to OneDrive (200GB)
  • Massive 8TB capacity, Needs only a single cable, Stylish industrial design
  • Cavernous storage without the need for a pesky power brick, Attractive, sturdy metal shell

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only one USB-C port, Incompatible with some tablets and laptops, USB-C cable is short
  • Expensive, Weak small file performance
  • Price (For Some), USB 3.1 Type C 1.5A Connectivity Only, Windows 7 Not Supported
  • Not many compatible host devices on the market currently, Poor sustained write performance
  • Considerable price premium
  • Only works on systems with USB 3.1 ports, due to power requirements, Expensive and heavy, No USB Type-C pass-through ports