Reviewers Liked

  • DiskStation Manager 6.0, Easy setup and management, Dual Ethernet ports, Tool-less 3.5-inch hard drive installation, Good performance, Hardware Encryption Engine (AES-NI) and Hardware Transcoding Engine
  • Supports BTRFS, Expandable to 7 bays total with one DX513 cabinet, Broad feature set with lots of installable apps, Btrfsenabled snapshot backups, 4K video transcoding, Quiet
  • Great performance; above quoted speeds, Scalable solution
  • Intuitive OS, Tons of functionality, including 4K transcoding, hardware encryption, Excellent performance (with test drives)

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Relatively expensive, Expansion option is expensive, Relatively poor large file RAID1 performance, Memory not upgradeable without voiding warranty, More expensive than better performing NASes
  • Small form factor limits network speeds to 2Gb/s
  • Pricey unless you need the 4K functionality, 4K video playback, transcoding was hit-and-miss with a few files