Reviewers Liked

  • Form Factor, Easy outofthebox installation, Good read/write transfer for compressed files, Options for diskless and preconfigured SKUs
  • Easy setup, Nice admin interface, Fast transfer speeds, Free and useful apps / programs, Pre-loaded with WD Red drives (drive-less version available too), 3-year warranty
  • Easy to install and use, surprisingly fast and affordable almost everything you could want in a basic but complete
  • Very easy setup, Good price, Built to support media among other content

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No Power button, No 2.5″ drive support, Case feet comes off easily, Unsatisfactory mounting mechanism
  • No dedicated power button, No real instructions for setting up without an internet connection
  • We wish the box had a power button, front panel USB connectivity, a quieter fan and software features on par with competition
  • Fewer third party plugins/apps than alternatives