Reviewers Liked

  • Inexpensive, Color LCD, Email, calendar and browser built in, Works with Kobo bookstore
  • Cheap, Easy to use
  • Superior display contrast; page-jump functions; supports downloads from Borders, Google Books, other sources
  • Compact design; compatible with Adobe Digital Editions ePUB; syncs were smooth and fast with both Kobo and Borders desktop applications; long battery life; LCD screen means no eInk “flash” between page turns; autoscroll mode!
  • Inexpensive, Lightweight and well designed
  • Inexpensive, Lightweight and well designed
  • Comes with 100 books, Easy to use, Small, Good display

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Cloudy, dim, unresponsive screen, Slow, No Android Market access, Short battery life for an ebook reader, Wi-Fi-only
  • Sluggish performance, retro design, you’re not left with a lot of built in storage, screen isn’t as sharp or real looking as eInk displays, no WiFi or 3G connectivity, no direct connection to one of the major ebook stores
  • No wireless connectivity, No direct book downloads
  • No Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity; relatively slow to load a new book the first time; no chapter-jump function; much shorter battery life than E Ink-based readers
  • No wireless; Borders Desktop application setup can be difficult; PDF settings require resetting options each time you open the file. This post was written by: Carly Z - who has written 553 posts on Gear Diary. Carly has been a gadget fi
  • No integrated Wi-Fi
  • No integrated WiFi
  • Reader sometimes freezes on JPG and PDF files, No word lookup (dictionary) feature