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Archos 70d eReader

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By on 70

We're not massive fans of colour e-readers. While e-ink-based readers do an admirable job of rivalling the experience of reading a paper book, colour models (which use LCD screens) tend to tire the eyes much more quickly. They're fine for short bursts of...

By GadgetSpeak on 72

This book reader is one of the backlit type and so colour is available. Archos have a background in screens, often smaller than this as it was with early devices just larger than phones, but of course they also do computer type...

By PC Advisor on 50

It's cheap, but does the Archos 7od eReader represent good value? Perhaps. If you are the sort of person who doesn't mind the occasional glitch, is comfortable sourcing content from here there and everywhere, and doesn't mind a fuzzy backlit screen,...

By Trusted Reviews on 50

Cheaper than a Kindle and with far better movie-playing chops than any E-Ink screen ereader, the Archos 70d may sound like a good buy for under £60. However, the low-quality screen stops it from being a viable alternative to the better-known readers when...

By DigitalVersus on 60

The Archos 70d eReader is a hybrid device that has the advantage of offering more functionality than an ordinary e-reader. But unfortunately the backlit screen makes reading tiring on the eyes. If you want something that functions primarily as an...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

L'Archos 7od eReader est appareil hybride qui offre l'avantage de proposer plus qu'une liseuse classique. Seulement voilà, la lecture des livres n'est pas d'un confort absolu sur cet écran rétroéclairé médiocre qui fatigue les yeux. Ceux qui préfèrent...