Reviewers Liked

  • Compact design; Large ebook selection; Unique Reading Life Stats
  • More pocketable than 6-inch e-readers like Amazon Kindle, Touch display, Sturdy and easy to hold, Superb font controls, Supports ePub, Incorporates reading metrics and awards
  • Light and comfortable, Size is good for small hands, Lots of control over text inside eBooks, Touchcontrolled and easy to use, Access to eBook sources beyond Kobo's store
  • A great price for an eBook reader. Small and portable. WiFi enabled and touchscreen on a budget. Crisp display with easy to read clean type, The
  • Small, light and pocket sized
  • Inexpensive for a touch screen ebook reader. Small, cute form factor. Powerful ecosystem of books, mobile, and PC apps. Supports ePub format
  • Inexpensive, Notably small and lightweight, Intuitive UI

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Tiny screen doesn't fit much text on the page; Ebooks more expensive than competition; Can't share book passages or lend books; Very small periodical selection
  • No audio features, screen lighting, or SD-card slot, Tapping near display margins is difficult, Small display means more page turns, Not much cheaper than some 6-inch readers
  • E Ink screen doesn't offer as much contrast as the competition, Could use faster performance
  • Sluggish page turns can make reading a frustrating experience. Screen size allows for less words and hampers a quick reader. Touch controls a little frustrating as have to be very precise. No expandable memory
  • Touchscreen not as responsive as we'd like, contrast could be better
  • Sluggish. Slightly stubborn touch screen. Display is noticeably smaller than that of a paperback book. No memory card slot
  • Limited screen space, No expandable storage, Lowcontrast display