Reviewers Liked

  • Slim, lightweight design. Includes short, built-in micro USB cable
  • Good feel, workmanship, and stability, Attractive design, USB and HDMI ports, Modern wireless technologies, including NFC, Compelling 10.1inch touchscreen, Good performance under Windows RT, Low heat generation, Positioning of the stereo speakers, Large b
  • Thin, Light, Capable camera, Smooth performance
  • Fullsized USB port, Very light for a 10inch tablet

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Bottom Line, The myCharge Talk & Charge+ external battery is good for charging your devices on the go, but is quite expensive considering its capacity and performance
  • No UMTS option, Charging is only possible via the adapter, Memory: only 14 of the 32 GB are available, Limited range of products in the Windows Store, Minimalistic camera application, Display resolution of just 1366x768 pixels, Average sounding speakers,
  • Expensive, Plasticky, Under developed OS, Lack of value added Samsung additions
  • Build quality is soso, Serious shortage of apps