Reviewers Liked

  • Very big touchscreen, fast microSD-card slot, USB-OTG & App2SD, fast WLAN, bright display with wide viewing angles, decent battery runtimes, integrated stand
  • Great for watching videos, Rich audio quality
  • I can't believe how much I like the Galaxy View. It's like the 80s boombox of tablets—small enough to be portable but big enough to put out some decent sound and screen space. (The small speakers aren't awesome, so I used wireless speakers sometimes.) Car
  • Responsive touchscreen Volume goes really loud microSD card for storage expansion
  • It's. unique, microSD card slot, Good battery life
  • The Samsung Galaxy View has a big, bright screen with a useful built-in stand and handle for carrying around. Its homepage aggregates popular streaming services to make watching video easy
  • Lightweight, versatile design, Stunning display with vivid color, Great battery life, Easy to access TV and video content
  • Great for entertainment, Vibrant screen, Integrated kickstand, Smart user interface

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • That is fixed and only provides two positions, case made of hard plastic, no Miracast or MHL support, only usable in landscape mode (no position sensor), Video-App overview not very helpful, only 2.1 MP webcam, clattery buttons, uneven brightness dis
  • Unwieldy to carry around due to its sheer size, Boring, oldschool Samsung design language, Kickstand can't be rearranged so it's flush, TouchWiz underutilizes the screen size, Sluggish processing performance
  • As enthusiastic as I might sound, I do not think the Galaxy View is perfect. It's a first swing at an odd new genre of devices, and it misses the mark slightly. Something's not quite right with hinged standle thing, for instance. I found myself trying to
  • No way to customize media streaming home screen Super reflective screen with poor viewing angles Buggy Landscape view only Not all Android apps work Screen isn't ultrasharp
  • Big and awkward to carry, Underwhelming 1080p display, Too expensive
  • Its plastic kickstand feels cheap and slaps violently into the chassis when changing the angle. There are no ports for connecting devices like game consoles
  • Design can't lay flat, Can't customize TV home screen yet, Doesn't come with a remote, Limited multiwindow support
  • Not very portable, Low resolution screen, Needs more storage