Reviewers Liked

  • Solid construction; fast page turns, startup times; touch screen for navigating, note taking
  • Sleek design. Touch-screen interface. Compatible with the ePub format, which Amazon's Kindles don't support
  • Desktop software for easy sync, Wide array of file formats supported, Useful Notes functions, Touch screen and stylus, Good battery life, Good form factor and build quality, Easy to use homescreen, Public library access
  • Touchscreen simulates page turns; downloads library books; includes expansion card slots
  • The PRS-600 is sleeker than the Kindle; touch screen is more responsive than last years Sony Reader; interface offers better ergonomics and is mostly easy to use; with the addition of an optional memory card (SD or Memory Stick Pro), its capable of s

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Touch layer reduces contrast, causes glare (even indoors); no Wi-Fi or wireless capabilities for buying books; heavy for its size
  • Dull screen. Books must be sideloaded via computer. AC adapter is an optional $30 accessory
  • Screen has more glare and not as crisp as nontouch screen eReaders, Slow text input via touch screen keyboard, Paltry instructions in package, Optional case with builtin light is expensive addition, My impressions of the new Sony eReader PRS600, are good
  • No wireless download capability; lacks sturdy case
  • Screen is still glare-prone; screen contrast (how dark the letters are) isnt as good as what youll find on competing models; lack of wireless access means all files must be dragged and dropped from a PC; battery is sealed into unit; notation and mark