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LG 47LG5000



  • LG 47LG5000

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By Expert Reviews on 100

The LG 37LG5000 is a native 1080p TV with a 37in viewable area, and at just over £500 is an absolute bargain. Its very similar in design to the 32in 32LG3000, and includes a similar textured remote control. It also uses the same clear menu system...

By CNET UK on 63

While we appreciate LG's efforts in making a 52-inch LCD TV available for just £1,350, it's a pity that -- perhaps inevitably -- you have to swallow a few performance compromises along the way. Whether you can live with these compromises is...

By Trusted Reviews on 70

This year has seen the arrival of LGs most diverse TV range yet, boasting everything from die-hard budget models to high-concept design models and high-end feature-packed models. But despite the new diversity, one constant factor has remained...

By TechRadar on 60

Ever wished your TVs speakers could be heard but not seen? Well your wish comes true with this nicely-priced LCD set from LG, the 42LG5000, featuring an invisible speaker system that integrates the drivers into the bezel rather than tacking them on...

By on 40

Like most things, there are degrees of 'too good to be true'-ness. At one end of the scale is the "you have won a massive prize" lottery letters that plop into your mailbox all-too frequently. At the other end is the enormous LCD television with...

International Review By Gear Online on 67

Dette er en del af vores "Fuld HD under 10k" stortest i GEAR 58. Vil du læse nærmere om hvordan testen er udført, så klik om til de sidste sider i denne testMed hensyn til ydre formgivning lander LGs 5000-serie i det bløde mellemfelt af nydelig om...

International Review By on 70

Ein einfaches, benutzerfreundliches Fernsehgerät, das Videosignale aus vielen verschiedenen Quellen wiedergeben...