Panasonic TX-50DX750


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By Home Cinema Choice on 80

This TV looks great with SDR content, has a fab smart TV engine, and can be considered decent with HDR when you take its relatively low price into...

By TechRadar on 80

With HDR playback support and Panasonic's Firefox smart system, and delivering mostly impressive performance, the 50DX750 is a great-value TV that will look great in any...

By on 80

The Panasonic TX-50DX750B is a solid all-round TV and, depending on your budget, you should definitely consider buying one. The DX750 has been designed to deliver a certain level of performance at a very specific price point and in that respect it...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Panasonic TX-50DX750 – 3D Picture Quality While the TX-50DX750 might be one of the few TVs carrying the 3D flag this year, it unfortunately doesn't do a great job here. Detail levels are decent enough, and the screen's brightness helps to overcome the...

By EuroGamer on

But in other areas, the DX750 hands in a solid level of performance, and it's generally an excellent display all round. Of course, the higher end DX902 delivers a superior HDR experience due to the inclusion global backlight dimming, though this comes with almost doubling of the price point, which is not ideal for those on a budget - particularly if you've just laid out £350 on a new PlayStation Pro.

By HDTV Reviews on

Even though its HDR rendition left us slightly underwhelmed owing to 500-nit peak brightness and ineffectual pseudo-local dimming, the Panasonic TX-50DX750B delivered outstanding SDR image quality with accurate colours and superb processing. The TV's...

International Review By 01Net on 70

Panasonic TX-50DX750Même si des défauts subsistent, au prix où ce téléviseur est actuellement proposé, il serait idiot de ne pas l'inclure dans votre sélection du moment. Car plusieurs points permettent indéniablement de le sortir du lot: ses...

International Review By on 98

Stosunkowo łatwo jest kupić dobry telewizor dysponując kwotą kilkunastu tysięcy złotych. Znacznie trudniej ‒ mając trzy i pół albo, co gorsza, tylko dwa tysiące złotych. Okazuje się że na rynku wcale nie brakuje telewizorów o wyjątkowej opłacalności,...

International Review By on 99

Transmisje meczy piłki nożnej można oglądać na wiele sposobów: na smartfonie z kilkucalowym ekranem, na tablecie, na laptopie, czy na komputerze stacjonarnym z dużym monitorem. Jednak dopiero oglądanie na dużym ekranie daje największą satysfakcję. I nie...