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By on 60

The TX-L19X10 looks like one of 's bigger designs viewed down the wrong end of a telescope. It's a look that seems to say, this is a grown-up TV. It's just quite little. It's also as thoughtfully designed and thoroughly screwed together...

By TechRadar on 80

One odd thing about the small TV market is the willingness of manufacturers to offer different colour options. Even the usually sober Panasonic is offering its 19X10BW in white or black. The company has also seen fit to grace the body with some...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Despite its die-hard love of plasma technology, Panasonic produced some of the very first portable LCD TVs ever released. And very nice they were too, combining ridiculously cute designs with startlingly bright, colourful pictures to give us...

By AVReview on 70

For a while back there, we thought the 26in TV category might be about to kick the bucket. Sales bombed, and a number of manufacturers pretty much abandoned the relatively small screen size as us telly buying folk focused our attentions on adorning...

By CNET UK on 70

Many manufacturers don't really take 26-inch TVs seriously. But, while the Panasonic Viera TX-L26X10 might be low on interesting features and more expensive than many of its rivals, it does at least produce a superior AV performance...

By HDTVorg on 90

Once we get over the fact that the TX-L32X10 has arrived with uninspiring looks and few of the bells and whistles we have become accustomed too we were actually able to reveal a very competent all round performer.Panasonic TX-L32X10 You might also...

International Review By on 70

Viele Hersteller nehmen 26-Zoll-Fernseher nicht wirklich ernst. Dadurch sind die Geräte häufig zwar billig, taugen aber nichts. Bei Panasonics Viera TX-L26X10 ist das anders. Das Gerät ist zwar recht teuer und bietet für seinen Preis...

International Review By Smartson on

Panasonic TX-L26X10 bjuder på en del överraskande funktioner trots sin blygsamma storlek. Dessutom uppvisar den hög bildkvalitet och klart godkänd...

International Review By Computer Bild on

Vielseitigkeit ist bei den großen Flachbildfernsehern Trumpf. Auch die kleineren LCDs der 66-Zentimeter-Klasse zeigen nicht nur TV-Programme: Einige Modelle spielen DVDs ab oder zeigen Urlaubsfotos. Womit lockt der Panasonic TX-L26X10E den...