Reviewers Liked

  • The thin design, loads of display features and overall good quality picture are all standout features
  • Build Quality, Features, Color Reproduction, Availability, Smooth Video Playback
  • Great looks, very sleek design, Colors look awesome, quite accurate and vibrant, Good number of features
  • Produces relatively deep black levels; mostly accurate color; very good dejudder processing; sleek styling with 1.2-inch thick panel; extensive feature set with Yahoo Widgets, network streaming, and lots of built-in content; energy-efficient
  • Excellent picture quality; stunning design; overloaded with features; four HDMI ports
  • A plethora of ports. Network streaming. LED backlighting makes the screen brighter than the bridge of the Enterprise
  • Fabulous picture quality. Sumptuous ultra-thin design. Connections and features galore. Surprisingly cheap by LED standards

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The TV fades out quite a bit when in well lit rooms or is viewed from the side
  • Price, Poor Contrast, Off Angle Picture Quality, Value
  • Expensive, Greyscale has a few flaws in depiction
  • Expensive; less uniform screen than other LCDs; poor off-angle viewing; lower contrast in dark scenes; shiny screen can cause reflections in bright rooms; benefits of 240Hz difficult to discern; scarce analog video inputs
  • Expensive; glossy panel not suited for bright rooms
  • Its not "WiFi ready" if it requires a separate adapter. No Netflix streaming, but Samsung has hinted that its on the way. Picture quality drops sharply with viewing angle. Crappy remote hampers navigation. Pricey
  • Sound is a bit weak. Viewing angle could be better