Westinghouse H840CK15
Panasonic TR-005 Orbitel
RCA CT-100
Sony TV8-301
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Correct Answer: Sony TV8-301

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Sony launched the world's first non-projection type, fully transistorized television as the TV8-301 in May 1960, some six years after Texas Instruments and Regency brought the first transistor radio to market. Designed to be portable, the TV8 featured an eight-inch black and white display complete with an anti-glare visor, a carrying handle, and two 6v lead acid batteries in back -- quite a deviation from vacuum-tube designs of the day.

Although the set was too expensive to be practical for the average consumer, it helped set Japan on course for market dominance in TV manufacturing. Prone to malfunction, Sony discontinued the TV8 in 1962.

The Westinghouse H840CK15, for those who are curious, was the first consumer all-electronic color tube television set sold in the United States in March 1954, beating the RCA Victor CT-100 to market by only a few weeks.