Microsoft Bob
Clippy the Office assistant
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker
Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95
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Correct Answer: Microsoft 3D Movie Maker

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Inspired by The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen comics, designer Vincent Connare began creating Comic Sans in October 1994 as an informal font for Microsoft Bob, a user interface released for Windows in March 1995 that used objects inside a cartoon house to represent programs (for instance, clicking a paper and pencil on the desk would open a word processor). However, the font wasn't finished in time to be included in Microsoft Bob, which was received poorly and discontinued the following year.

Instead, Comic Sans first appeared in the speech balloons and other dialog boxes of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, a game that was marketed as a way for kids to make 3D cartoon movies. The font also shipped the same year in the $50 Microsoft Plus! add-on pack for Windows 95 and the following year in Microsoft Comic Chat, a graphical IRC client released with IE 3.0 in 1996.