£30-£35 Budget For Cpu Cooler, P35 mobo, What's Best?

By Ancell
Sep 20, 2009
  1. Ancell

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  2. Ancell

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    I downloaded Core Temp and it says 31c core 1 core 2 31c... Has nothing with these 41 or 40 temp... It has 2 numbers in my desktop both say 31 31.... Also speedfan and hwmonitor also read both cores 31-33.... So is this TMPIN0 something else ? Or a diff temp ?
  3. Ancell

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    When playing games both cpu cores go from 31 to 35-36..

    I dont belive how TMPIN can be my cpu because my cpu is fine.. and on HWMonitor it says E8400 core1, core2 30c... CoreTemp says Temp0 and Temp1 both at 30-32..... So would it be right for me to go by these temps instead? Because im so sure 40-50 idle on stock fan and now 39-40 with new fan this cant be right.. But the core1 and core2 and coretemp are reading more realastic tempatures.

    I attatched a screenshot.. the large number 41c is speedfan... the 2 small numbers blue and red.. Are coretemp... Which is giving more realistic numbers surely.

    I reckon coretemp is telling truth and im really worrying about playin pc games.. and i wud love to overclock. I just cant belive my idle is 40-50. So im sure this is a fail reading. Why would Hw monitor say e8400 then the core temps at like 30... when I had my old cpu it didnt say intel pentium or nothing.

    (In screenshot numbers are bottom right near clock)

    So I am now useing which is giving me good cpu idle readings of around 30-31 and 35-36 on load. I belive this now. But if anyone else no's more and my pc is broke. Let me know plz :) Really want to fix this so I can move onto oc.
  4. red1776

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    look at your bios temp, and see which it agrees with. those temps look fine. like I recommended before, don't use speedfan for core temp can be a bit dodgy. now is this with the Xigmatek installed?
  5. Ancell

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    Yeah I have installed that Xigmatek massive lol.. Im usein coretemp now because (Im not sitting here worried about something sayin 50c when it surely can not be correct, and coretemp reads both cores 30 and 34-36 full load. So im useing that and ignore other temps.. If it blows then it blows lol.. Im go bios now and check for you :) Please bios dont say 50 or 60 lol! Bet It will :(
  6. Ancell

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    Bios telling me 45c .... Still belive real temp is 30-33 idle which cpu core reads.
  7. Ritwik7

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    The actual CPU temp is higher than individual core temps. What are your ambient temps? To see how high your CPU temps go, keep a monitoring software running in the background while you play.

    My CPU temp is about 35C and goes to about 40C on load. That's when ambient temps are around 27C.
  8. Ancell

    Ancell TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 84

    I have coretemp running in background and its sayin my cpu is running at 33-35.
  9. Ritwik7

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    Core temp is giving temps for individual cores I presume?
  10. Ancell

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    Yeah but I put it to tell me highest temp only. Btw cod4 walls sometimes go black really quickly then colors load again, Reinstall driver fix this ? Nothing serious.

    I dont want to keep worrying about my temp aswell. So I dont know what to do. Im sure my pc is stable tho. It is all correctly fitted. I cant feel no hot air anywhere. Pc is smooth nothing seems to be hot.. If it was to HOT wudent pc power down for protection ? Im stick with coretemp. If cores are not at 60 etc would the cpu be fine? (After spending £35 and the temps are basicly reading the same) (so dont understand that) but cores are cooler.. And I guess a 10c drop.)
  11. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    I recommend using only CoreTemp, RealTemp and HWMonitor for temperature monitoring. SpeedFan is very inaccurate for this purpose.

    Oh, and congratulations. :)
  12. Ancell

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    Thanks Rage I will stick with CoreTemp :)
  13. Ritwik7

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    Ancell I think you're best off first checking your idle CPU temp in BIOS. 60c for each core is too hot! That would mean that CPU temp is much higher.

    Your cores should stay around 30 at idle IMO.
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