0x00000024 w/ RAID 0?

By RobPierce
Jun 10, 2009
  1. Ok, so here's my problem. I have two disks striped together in a RAID 0 configuration with Windows XP Pro. When attempting to boot normally I get stuck in the "Windows did not start successfully" loop. If I use the XP install disk to try and get into recovery console, one of two things happens. If I use a floppy disk to load the RAID controller drivers, I end up with a 0x00000024 BSOD. If I don't load the RAID controllers, setup informs me that I can not continue as no HDDs are installed/detected and proceeds to reboot.

    I've now managed to get to the recovery console using a bootable USB thumbdrive, but because the RAID controllers are not loaded my system still can't see the HDDs. If I use the thumbdrive and load the controllers during Windows setup I'm back to getting the 0x00000024 BSOD.

    I have access to a laptop (also XP Pro), but not another desktop in which I could install the array to try and recover the disks. Any ideas?
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