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By botgames
Oct 15, 2007
  1. don't know anything about networking. I'm learning as I go.

    I have 2 computers networked together by cross over cable using ethernet. One computer is Win xp other computer is Vista. Win xp is the host. Win xp has dsl and printer hooked up to it. They both are in the same workgroup. I ran the Network wizard on both computers.

    Vista in network says...connected to network...local only. Win xp in network connection say local area connection...connected and firewalled...and it says the name of the network card.

    I tried to ping Vista it says reply from Destination net unreachable It also says that 4 packets were sent and 4 received. I tried to ping Win xp it says request timed out. It says 4 packets sent..4 lost.

    I have ZoneAlarm protecting my computer. I don't know if that could be contributing to the problem. Perventing Vista from getting to Win xp.

    I haven't setup sharing yet.

    Can anyone help me please?
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    Turn off XP firewall and VISTA firewall and see if you can connect to both. Did you setup a workgroup name. like botgamesnet for each system. Did you give the PCs computer names see below what I mean:

    workgroup name: botgamesnet
    computer name: botgamepc1
    PC1 - Make sure you create a static IP,,

    XP OS
    workgroup name: botgamesnet
    computer name: botgamepc2
    PC2 - Make sure you create a static IP,,

    open a dos window click on start then on run type: cmd
    type: arp -a

    PC1 IP
    Default-gateway IP
    PC2 IP

    You might not see anything yet, now reboot both PCs when you get back in to them run arp -a

    do a: nbtstat -n and see if your PC is registered and you should see your group name = workgroup
  3. botgames

    botgames TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got computers talking on network

    I got them to talk to each other. They can see each other on the network.
    Although I got help from another website forum I still wanted to thank you for your response and trying to help me.

    Now I"m working on getting them to share the printer and dsl connection. Which I've already encountered a problem which sucks.
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