2 iexplore.exe in task manager under processes tab.

By vortxnat
Jan 27, 2008
  1. hi, i got a problem. i want to download photoshop cs3 and it requires me to not have any iexplore.exe in process tab to install. i have two. please help.
    i will upload my hijack log.
  2. grimesy69

    grimesy69 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    Just end the processes before installing? Does that work?

  3. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +9

    A reboot or a cold boot should get rid of that problem.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,342   +622

    verify the User Column. If one is your login and the other is some system identity
    (System, Network, Local), you can ignore the issue. It is likely that an update
    is already running.
  5. vortxnat

    vortxnat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    guys. it doesent work. i not sure.
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