20.6.1 A class for Custom MediaStreamSource

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Jun 25, 2010
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    To implement your own custom stream source, derive a class from MediaStreamSource. As the name suggests, this class will be used as the source for a MediaElement on the page. Table 20.10 shows that MediaStreamSource has several methods that you must override in your implementation.

    Table 20.10 MediaStreamSource Virtual Methods




    Sets the next position to be used in GetSampleAsync. Call ReportSeekCompleted when done.


    Used to return diagnostic information. This method can be a no-op as it is not critical. If used, call ReportGetDiagnosticCompleted when done.


    Used to change between configured media streams. This method can be a no-op as it is not critical. If used, call ReportSwitchMediaStreamCompleted when done.


    Required. Get the next sample and return it using ReportGetSampleCompleted. If there is any delay, call ReportGetSampleProgress to indicate buffering.


    Required. Set up the metadata for the media and call ReportOpenMediaCompleted.


    Any shutdown and cleanup code should go here

    One thing you'll notice about the functions is that many of them are asynchronous. The pattern followed in those methods is to perform the processing and then call a ReportComplete method, the name of which varies by task, when finished.

    The async nature of the API helps keep performance up, and keeps your code from slowing down media playback.

    Listing 20.4 shows the skeleton of a MediaStreamSource implementation, including the methods described above. We'll continue to build on this throughout the remaining raw media sections.
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