2650 Inspiron won't post, what are the minimums ?

By G_Mez
Aug 10, 2008
  1. Hi there, back again to drink from the Dell Guru fountain.

    This time a new puzzle. Inspiron 2650 had a child's drink spilled in it, it got everywhere. Sticky spots all over the place, on just about every device and card. I have been successful getting the data off the drive backed up after swapping out the controller card on the drive. -That was a joy-. I am now trying to see if the laptop can be brought back to life. When I try to power it on the screen lights up and I get power indicators but no fan(s) and no post. All that is installed so far on MB is CPU, RAM, Video, modem and keyboard. No HD, no FDD, no CD drive either. I tried it with memory only in DIMM A, and only in DIMM B. I figured in trying to troubleshoot prob less is better, besides I don't have all the sticky stuff removed from the rest of the components ! Are there enough pieces to declare it should have posted at least ? is there anything else I can eliminate to try ?

    Thanks in advance.
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