3D application graphics issues Open GL Direct 3D

By resu
Apr 18, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I have a quadro 1500fx and i'm trying to model a building for my final prject of this year.
    I am using Autocad architecture 2008 and its inbuilt 3D software.
    the porblem I am facing is that when multiple 3D solids are on screen at once I get clipping and segmented edges in the model space whilst modeling using the shaders.
    once the scene is rendered the objects are fine but the main issue is that the incomplete solids make detailed modeling near impossible.

    I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue with 3D applications.

    Could these problems be down to the type of "graphic processing" i use i.e Open GL or Direct 3D

    (whats the difference between to two anyway?)

    Q6600 Quadcore 2.4
    3GB RAM
    Vista 32bit
    nvidia Quadro 1500fx 256DDR3

    This really has come at a bad time as my final hand in is only a few weeks away and this is a huge problem!

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