4tb disk stuck at 2tb

By sharkhound
May 4, 2013
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  1. Hi, I purchased a seagate 4tb drive. Installed it and using windows 7 (64bit) disc management, I was able to see the drive in two partitions - 2tb and 1.8tb. They were MBR. Used a utility called EaseUS Partition Manager, I converted the type to GPT. It saw 3.7tb, so I hit the quick format and for some reason, it made it a 2tb partition. I could not get back the remaining tb's. Seagate's Discwizard previously, was also able to see two partitions, but now it only sees the 2tb and says there is nothing else and cannot fix the problem. Tried to fix it using Minitool's Partition Wizard. Windows Disc Manager doesn't seem to have a tool to address this problem - it only sees one partition at 2tb's. Can't seem to go beyond the 2tb partition, or get the rest of the tb's back in any form that I could see (allocated, or unallocated, or ?). Can someone direct me to a tool or method that could fix this? I would ideally like to have one partition for the full 4tb's. Thanks in advance!
  2. ComputerGuy55

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    If it is only seeing the 2 TB then it is back to being MBR.
    I suggest deleting the entire partition and making sure it is GPT.
    If this still does not resolve the issue I would return it as defective and try a new one.
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