8-Steps Complete..

By Smokie
Jun 22, 2009
  1. Hello,

    First off, thank you all for rumaging through my scan data!

    The reason i have been looking for help is that, recently, i have been experiencing some strange behaviour at start-up. My problems started with my desktop icons not appearing on start-up. This could be quickly rectified by logging out and back in but more recently i have been getting a warning from windows that i had no firewall acitive. I could have put this down to simple Windows Tom-Foolery(TM) but with the other problem i was concerned that something was turning my FW off to access the internet; so here i am :)

    I was running McAffee AV and the Windows FW and i am hiding behind a NAT FW but i followed your instructions to the letter and installed Avira and Zone-Alarm, disabling their predecessors ofc, and then walked through your instructions.

    FYI Avira found no threats.

    Thank you all again for your assistance.



    Since following your advice I have had no further problems. Whatever was causing the problem has been removed or replaced by the software from the 8-steps. I have removed my scan data to save space.

    Thanks guys :)

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