9500pro green screen, please assist.

By wasabi
Feb 14, 2005
  1. My video card worked fine for a year or so, then the fan on my card stopped spinning. I only figured out what was happening after the computer had randomly shut down three times, so the card overheated more than once... Anyway, the existing fan was beyond repair, so I bought a new one. Copper sink - should have done the job.

    When I had it back in the computer and booted up, the monitor was lacking blue and red - only green, greys and browns.

    I have tested my system with another video card, and there was no problem - it is definately the 9500. Any sugestions on a fix?

    Thanks in advance.

    System - amd 2600xp, asus a7n8x deluxe, radeon 9500pro, corsair v.s. 512mb 3200, seagate 80gig sata, etc...
  2. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    Make sure the card and the vga cable are seated properly. I had a crappy KVM switch that would go magenta on me and I'd have to wiggle it to make it stop. If everything is seated properly and the problem persists, then something on that card is crispy. RMA it ifin it's still under warrantee.
  3. wasabi

    wasabi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for that - I will have time to look into it tomorrow. I was going to clear the slot with compressed air as well. I've already cleaned the pins with alcohol.

    There is a program - driver cleaner pro - that can remove ati/nvidia drivers completely. Is it worth using? I was using a geforce 2 whilst I replaced the fan, so I thought it might be a driver problem?
  4. wasabi

    wasabi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I cleaned everything, re-did the heatsink and re installed directx and the latest ati drivers...

    ...and got green and BLUE working. Yay. :knock:

    I think it might be time to upgrade my video card. Thanks for the help.
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