Access data card internet on laptop through wifi

By maddy04
Jun 13, 2013
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  1. Objects available : Laptop with windows vista(32 Bit Home Basic SP 2)
    : iPAD
    : Tata Docomo internet data card

    PROBLEM : I connect to internet via data card on my laptop. I want to share this internet connection on my iPAD which I am not able to do.

    After connection to internet via data card on laptop, I created a wireless ad hoc connection. Which creating ad hoc connection I do not get the option of " SHARE INTERNET".
    On iPAD this network is detected and the iPAD connects to this network.
    On Laptop it is then shown this way :-

    MY LAPTOP -------------------- MULTIPLE NETWORKS ----------------- INTERNET

    But still the internet on iPAD doesnt get activated.

    Plz help. ...
  2. maddy04

    maddy04 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 62

    After extensive search on the internet, I got 1 solution. Unchecking the option "ALLOW SHARE OF CONNECTION" in properties of the data card internet. Then setting up of an ad hoc connection, will get the option "SHARE INTERNET CONNECTION".

    Thank You

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