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By stickdoktor
Sep 15, 2006
  1. Hi..hope someone can help. I had to replace my desktop but I was able to salvage the HHDs. The C: HDD which boots windows and has the document setting folder (on the old desktop) was installed as a USB drive in the new desktop and now became drive M:.

    When I try to access my folder with my name (which holds all my info) I get "M:\documents and settings\john is not accessible" access denied"

    I need to get all my files and transfer them into my new system.....HEEEEELP!!!

    By the way I followed the instructions on right clicking folder then security then advanced....nothing with "owner" tab comes up for the folder.
  2. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    Microsoft`s taking ownership page is HERE

    EDIT :We posted at the same time :) I`ll leave that link anyway.Somebody might need it.
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