Acer Aspire 4920

By Tx1oss
Sep 18, 2008
  1. Hi I'm a new member to this forum so go easy on me, I have just bought a Acer 4920 and the hard drive has been partitioned to C: drive and Data E: I'm a little concerned as in how much disk space is being used with no programmes installed.
    C: is showing 26.1 Gb free out of 49.5 Gb and Data is showing 44.4 Gb free from 49.5 Gb. I have phoned the helpline who told me to do a full system reset, which I did but it is still using a massive amount of storage space form my 120 Gb drive. If I was to purchase a legal version of Vista without all the Acer programmes would I regain much more memory?. At the moment I'm still waiting for Acer to return my call with a solution.
    Many Thanks
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    the thing is Vista uses a lot of space, and it really taxes the drive too. That second partition might be the "recovery" partition that has the data to restore the OS as it came from the factory. If you buy a copy of Vista yourself (which sucks since you already have a license for it that came with the laptop) you could format and install and it will save you all the space from E: and some of the crap that came loaded from ACER. It just seems a waste to have to buy that. Why not buy an external HDD and back up your drive then get rid of the E: partition and uninstall anything you dont want.
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    Acer 4920

  4. Tx1oss

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    Acer 4920

    Tech help phoned back and when I explained that after clean install the problem was still there and that roughly 45Gb of drive was unvailable they told me to phone Acer as it was now a hardware problem, Acer's reply was that Vista is media hungry and that 40/45Gb for the operating system and backup was acceptable, I then asked why after doing a disk clean up immediately after a clean install was I able to remove 8gb from drive C:. They did not know the answer to this. It looks like I will have to get myself a version of Windows Xp and remove Vista to try and regain some space Thanks for your help.
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