Acer aspire boot loop

By speeldude
May 1, 2010
  1. When I hit the power button on my acer aspire 7520, the fan starts and it sounds like the HDD starts spinning up and then it clicks and powers off. Then it starts doing the same thing over and over. No beeps, I don't think it's even getting to POST. I've seen this issue on forums and some people said that flashing the BIOS by putting the latest version on a flash drive and holding FN+ESC before hitting the power button. I did this about 20 minutes ago and it's not doing anything. Hard drive is fine, was able to plug it into another laptop. Wouldn't boot from it but mounted it with a linux live disk and retrieved data from it. Any suggestions?
  2. PaulO999

    PaulO999 TS Rookie

    Off all the responses I have seen, not one has suggested overheating. I have been asked to investigate a 7520 that does exactly the same and if you listen closely after switching on you can hear a sizzling sound that increases in volume until the laptop shuts down.
    Having removed the access plate to the cooling fan I discovered the heatsink cooling fins blocked by a mat of dust and cat fur. However, even after removing it the same problem occurs. I have noticed that although the cooling fan runs at startup it quickly switches off and does not restart.
    I have reseated the heatsink with new thermal paste but I don't have the thicker pads to replace (where can I source them - anyone :).
    If I use a vacuum cleaner to draw air over the graphics chip then the laptop starts and runs as expected. So questions
    1 - what controls the fan starting and stopping? (it is a three wire connection)
    2 - can I reconfigure fan wiring such that it runs continuously?
    3 - is the overheating of the graphics chip likely to have affected the mobo soldering?

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