ACHI/RAID WinXP installation problem

By srock
Jul 17, 2007
  1. New build - wanted to install XPSP2, XP ACHI driver (same install routine as RAID) F6 floppy disk failed (well reported issue with failure to load drivers from floppy).Did sucessfully do a routine install with SATA as IDE. I then slipstreamed the drivers into a CD and then set my SATA as ACHI and tried to reinstall windows - The installation failed (blank screen, endlessly blinking cursor) - I went back to the bios and went back to SATA as IDE and booted without problem. I used the same partition as 1st time - did not delete partition and restablish it and re format (not sure why i would). I looked for the ACHI driver and it was installed (iastor.sys and iaachi.sys), but the controllers did not show up in Device Manager.

    I'm tearing my hair out over this one - First, is ACHI worth all the bother?? (I don't want RAID at this time)- I'm not a gamer. might want to hot swap a drive at some time, but could certainly power down to swap a drive if I had to.I understand e SATA may need it. Should I just leave drive as IDE and move on...

    Last, I'd like to solve this, because I'd like to solve this... I'd hate to let this lump of silicon beat me.

    Any and all help appreciated


    ASUS P5B deluxe, X1950xt, stock cooler, e6600, Seagate SATA 300, NEC OD, floppy
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